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Jan 17, 2013 9:00am PST
? there is no way we're going to be silent. he would have to crush us to the earth and to dennis us to the worms before we're going to be silent. >> tavis smiley and cornel west, part of the discussion we had the week of the election, just about two months ago. we urge you to go to the phone. the number to call is 866-359- 4334. 866-359-4334. "the rich and the rest of us" is yours for $75. the entire dvd for $100. $150 for the book and dvd if you call 866-359-4334. 866-359-4334. as we turn now to cornell west, the night before we sat down in the chicago studio, we had in event, a form at northwestern law school. three rooms were reserved, three auditoriums. it was not clear if there of the overflow. it was packed with a thousand people. first, tavis smiley spoke, then i talk about the importance of independent media. ended by talking about the 14- year-old african-american boy who was born in chicago. his mother wanted him out, the summer of 1955, for the summer, so she sent him to be with family in money, mississippi. he was a sleep one night at his aunt and uncle's house when a white
Jan 15, 2013 9:00am PST
is a book of columns i wrote with dennis moynihan my colleague here. and the fifth is a continuation of the columns that appear in books and newspapers around the country and around the world. that is yours for $75. all five together for two hundred dollars if you call in rain now. 866-3594-334. as president obama announces a change in immigration policy or possibly working toward that, it is really interesting to read z's gonzalez -- juan gonzalese remarkable book. whatever you do, we ask you to do it now. your call makes a difference. you make it possible. linda has called in from ohio. there are so many gifts you can get. the tote bag. it does not rib ever. we carry these all over the world. there are lots of things inside. goodies we are giving you. you can get the bumper sticker. these call-in right now with a $10 contribution. every penny helps. if you want to get "the untold history of the united states a a," is yours for two hundred dollars if you call in right now. i am thinking about another person who deeply cared about independent media, a nonprofit media
Jan 15, 2013 7:00pm PST
absence. >> all of our institutions are working. the hot headed dennis the world of the opposition. >> while the vice president may be filling the president's shoes, he has signed at least 20 degrees, but he has limited powers. >> i think that in 90 or 120 days, president chavez will be declared permanently absent. there will be called for elections 30 days later. the country cannot withstand the situation in definitely. >> the country seems to be taking each day at a time, looking for a sign from the president, who is still fighting for his life. >> europe's highest court has ruled that a british woman did suffered discrimination at the hands of her employer for wearing a crucifix around her neck. the court ruled against free under british -- three other british christians who alleged discrimination protect the quietly spoken 60-year-old, nadia eweida, seems an unlikely champion, but she has won the right to express her face by wearing a crucifix at work. british airways had argued the crucifix detracted from their companies uniform, but the judge decided that religious belief is
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)